Covid-19 Statement

Apr 23, 2021

At ViRal, we do all we can to ensure that everything we is Covid-19 compliant. We have a specific Covid Prevention and Response Policy that ensures all procedures are in line with UK Government Guidelines. 

Every effort is made to ensure that employees at ViRAL stay alert and do not become complacent. Key rules and other controls are driven by the Management Team at ViRAL and reiterated with positive behaviors, regular reminders and signage.

Regular Cleaning

We have increased the frequency of handwashing, surface, and equipment cleaning. Employees are encouraged to wipe down high touch areas after every use, as well as increased cleaning of all touch points within the Centre. We also ensure placement of hand sanitizer stations around the centre too.

To allow sufficient time for additional cleaning, we have reduced booking capacity.

Social Distancing 

We make every reasonable effort to comply with social distancing (the 2-metre rule or where not possible, 1-metre plus). Bookings, including party bookings, will be limited to a maximum of six people in line with UK Government Law of Six. Until further notice, no large bookings will be taken to ensure social distancing can take place. The number of employees on site will also be kept to a minimum.

Face Coverings

In line with UK Government Guidelines, a face mask or face covering will be worn by all staff and visitors, with the exception of those that cannot comply due to medical reasons. This will also not apply to visitors who are eating and/or drinking in the refreshment area.

VR Equipment 

Additional pre-cautions will be taken with all VR equipment including the issuing of VR Face Masks, which are to be use for conjunction with the standard VR Equipment. The purpose of the VR Face mask is to limit the touch point of the VR Equipment, which itself will be subject to a strict additional cleaning procedure.

Staying alert 

Employees will be kept informed of the Covid-19 symptoms to ensure that they can spot symptoms both in themselves and others. Employees with symptoms however mild, shall quarantine immediately and follow the relevant governmental guidelines.

Note: As part of our Covid-19 policy, should you have a booking with us and you start to show symptoms of Covid-19, you will be given and full refund and asked to not enter the Centre. If you have any queries regarding the virus and how it may affect your experience with us, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to alleviate any concerns you may have.

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