Escape First VR

May 18, 2021

Introducing Escape First, a multiplayer virtual reality escape room! Choose from three different escape rooms that can either be played competitively, cooperatively, or solo.

Psycho Circus
You find yourself stuck inside the clown's quarters after seeing a dazzling show at the circus "De la Luna." His show will be over in a few minutes. Will you be able to locate his spare key and flee before he comes back? Clowns don't like it when other people touch their things, as we all know!

The Red Button

There was only one bed, one lock, and one bloodied knife. What really is going on? What happened the night before? You must be conscious. Are you certain you want to find out? You must depart. But be cautious! Do not, in all circumstances, press the red button!

Lost In Time
You also consented to participate in a space-time experiment. You've been engulfed in confusion as a result of a single blunder. The past, present, and future have all fused into one! Your greatest enemy is time! Will you be able to defeat it and return to your normal life before it vanishes for good?

Gather up to 6 people and play as a team trying to solve the puzzles or try the "Versus" mode, where each player is locked alone and tries to escape the room before the others escape!

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