How is VR changing the world?

Jul 05, 2021

We think it’s safe to say by now, that virtual reality is an entertainment experience like no other. The virtual world has certainly manifested itself significantly in the last few years and earnt its rightful place in the entertainment sector. But who’s to say it has to stop there?

You see, the thing is… VR is essentially a "mirror" of physical reality. We get it… You might be a bit skeptical in thinking… “but it’s just a headset, what’s all the fuss about?”. But once you get that headset on, your mind will be blown.

Enter a three-dimension world where you have the sensation of real-time, as well as the ability to touch, move and interact with the things around you.

With all this being said, surely VR is a revelation that can be used for much more than just entertainment? This article encompasses exactly this, as we share with you some of the great ways that VR can be used to facilitate sectors such as education, healthcare, fitness and even construction!

VR and Education

Virtual reality used in education has deemed to be very affective. Even before social isolation and the need for remote learning, VR was already proving its use in the education sector and now, it’s taking off with a storm.

Quite simply, virtual reality has the power to engage and inspire students in a unique and powerful way. Immersive, 360VR, has the ability to capture exceptional experiences, that wouldn’t usually be easily accessible inside or outside of your standard classroom setting. With a steer from the traditional learning techniques, VR can increase motivation and focus and therefore, inspire more so than anything else. Not just this, but with multi-player functionalities, VR pushes peer interaction and creative thinking as a team.

Now although we’re not exactly part of the educational system, but we pride ourselves on offering a variety of games that are deemed educational for our players – whether they realise it or not!

    Google Earth VR Simulator

    Explore the geography of the world on the school field trip of a lifetime with our Google Earth VR Simulator. Visit all the capital cities in a 3D environment while also using street view to go down and stand outside the empire state building or even stand on top of Mount Everest!

    ABC Paint Multiplayer VR

    Let your creativity roam free with the entire family, with ABC Paint multiplayer mode. This game will get the creativity sparking, whatever the age!

    Covid Safety VR

    Teach all who need to know, how to be Covid-secure with the latest Covid safety game!

    TheBlue VR

    This is a deeply immersive VR series that allows you to learn about the environment in style. Experience the wonder and majesty of the ocean through different habitats and come face to face with some of the most awe inspiring species on the planet.

        Whatever the VR experience, there is something to be learnt at every corner in the virtual world. We also find that using gamification, players are that little bit more eager. Even with games such as Superhot VR, being the one solely responsible for their success in the game, players also develop important life skills such as discipline and autonomy. Fun whilst learning, who knew?!

        VR and Healthcare

        The surface has only been scratched with how VR can aid some of the different divisions within healthcare. Already, VR has seen the simulation of various medical scenarios including internal surgical procedures! How does this help? Not only does this help the learning process for professionals by putting theory into practice, but it can also alleviate anxiety from patient’s pre-procedure, if they are to gain a better understanding of what they’re about to face. Pretty darn cool, right? It doesn’t stop here either! VR is known to facilitate learning and social disabilities, as well as physical disabilities too.

        Now we know that we’re no surgeons or physio therapists, but here at ViRAL, we always want to be thinking ahead of the curve and doing all we can go help those in need.

        This brings us on nicely to the story of Lee Blissett – a customer we took on shortly after opening our doors in Corby. At the age of 18, Lee was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer which resulted in his leg being amputated as a matter of survival. As some of you may know, healthcare issues can be a big barrier between our dreams and wishes. But being the fighter that he is, Lee didn’t allow this to stand in the way of planning forth all of the things he’d dreamed of doing. This is where ViRAL come in…

        One of Lee’s biggest dreams was to be able to box again after his trauma. He’d boxed for years during his childhood and didn’t want the loss of his leg to be any hindrance. When we got wind of this, we knew we had to help. After all, why should anyone be deprived of their dreams?

        So with a planned 1-1 session, we invited Lee and his family in for the chance to experience the virtual reality boxing game Creed, on his 19th birthday. Through the power of VR, and the help and support of our VR experts, Lee was successfully able to box again with style!

        The result? Lee claimed it was “the best birthday present he had had in years”. Mission achieved for Lee Blisset and for us at ViRAL Entertainment. View the full story here.

        Check out some of our other success stories here

        VR and Fitness

        Virtual reality is here to stay and is already considered a great partner for fitness and exercise. Now, we get it… we know you don't always feel like going for that run, or doing that home-workout, or even attending that dreaded spin class. But whatever the excuse, we promise that, never again will you divert yourself away from fitness in the world of VR.

        A lot of people tend to ask us, “Can you get fit with VR?” The answer is yes. Through the powers of full body simulation, and an immersive screen environment, people tend to become engaged in a full-body workout, without even realising!

        At ViRAL, a lot of out gamers have learnt this first-hand, by experiencing VR games that provide the best of both worlds when it comes to fitness and VR. 

        One of our newest VR games, PowerBeats VR, is a great example of VR fitness game that will certainly get the blood pumping and the calories burning. By using your full body, you move with the beat as you punch, dodge, and duck your way through the challenging obstacles. And the catch? 

        The more you move and the stronger you hit, meaning the higher your score. This game allows you to have fun while training your stamina, strength, and reflexes.

        Who’s to say fitness can’t be made fun? We certainly think it can!

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        More VR games to make you sweat like the real sport!

        So there you have it, just some of the different ways that VR truly puts it’s awesome powers into play! VR is well on it’s way to changing the world as we know it. Get involved in the change and start your VR adventure today.

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