Is VR Sim Racing Worth It?

May 25, 2021

A common question asked in the world of Virtual Reality (VR) is, “is VR racing worth it?”. Here at Viral Entertainment, Corby, the simple answer is "yes". In fact, it’s a no brainer really.

VR Racing Simulators are a new and emerging technology, so it’s understandable why this form of entertainment may be subject to some speculation. But the truth is, our virtual car racing simulators will provide you with one of the best VR experiences you will ever get.

Is VR good for racing?

You might be wondering if a simulator racing experience is realistic? You're not prepared for just how realistic it is. If you enjoy spending your afternoons racing on racetracks, then you've got to give it a go. Suppose you've ever been to Silverstone Circuit or Rockingham Motor Speedway. In that case, you already know what a real-life experience behind the wheel at high speeds feels like, and now the chance to embark on a VR racing journey has finally arrived.

In the many years the entertainment sector has been thriving, you may have come across the classic monitor-based simulator for your wild racing experience. Now we're not one's to put a damper on such an experience, but we will say that VR certainly takes racing simulation to the next level. 

Transporting your racing skills into a virtual world makes for an unforgettable experience and one that really does put your skills to the test. With realism enhanced in motion and senses, the challenge that comes with being a good racer in VR is much more difficult.

It can also be said that people perform better in the VR racing simulation. The full 5D depth that our VR racing sims offer, allows for a more suspense and engaging environment - one where your driving and reaction times are faster. 

What is the best VR Racing Simulator?

We like to think that all VR racing sims are awesome... so as long as you’re racing in true VR style, we’re happy! However we will say that with our state-of-the-art VR Racing Simulators at ViRAL Entertainment, Corby, you'll find yourself racing in a style you never thought possible. Our 5D virtual reality racing, using the latest in VR technology, boasts thrilling motion seats, with unmissable wheel and pad handling, wind generation technology and vibration feedback, that gives the true immersion of a full racing experience. We could tell you this all day long, but let's get down to specifics... 

VR Headset

Our HP Reverb G2 VR headsets is the best VR headset for virtual racing, with incredibly high resolution lenses, which eradicate any screen door effect you've ever experienced before. You'll be escaping normality before you know it.

Wheels & Pedals

Precision like never before with our Thrustmaster T500rs steering wheel and pedals. Together, they offer a VR racing experience like no other, with super-powerful, quick responding force feedback pedals and an ultra precise steering, with a realistic angle of rotation.

Motion & Vibration

What's VR racing without feeling the full force of every thud, bump and crash? Our next level, Racing Motion Platform V3 gives you nothing short of true realism and immersion of a professional racing experience. Combined with our Buttkicker Gamer 2 and Dayton Audio TT25-16 PUCK, this technology allows for a tactical game advantage, as you prepare to feel every movement encountered on the track.

AI Wind Generation

The best feature yet is our Sim Racing Studio, AI Wind Generation technology. This isn't any old fan that creates a bit of wind, this software learns the finer details of the VR racing game, and changes according to car speed and environmental conditions - making your virtual reality racing nothing short of a realistic experience.

Graphics & Audio

We take our audio very seriously at ViRAL, by using our Razer Kraken X USB Gaming Headphones, including top of the range Digital 7.1 Surround Sound. Providing fantastic, immersive sound, along with an extremely comfortable fit, you'll be set to race all day long. To top it off nicely, you can be assured of nothing less than top notch graphics, with our Nvidia 2080ti GPU, that provides up to a 6x faster performance than anything before.

Enjoy the thrills of VR driving simulators with or without a VR headset on your choice of dozens of tracks from our expanded track selection, and in any of our wide range of realistically reimagined cars. From road cars, go karts, super cars to Formula 1 simulator cars, we have no doubt that your mind will be blown with our ViRAL Racing Experience.

What is the best VR racing game?

"Are there any VR racing games?" Of course.

"What is the best VR racing game?" Project Cars Pro, all the way!

With our new, state-of-the-start VR Racing Simulators, you’ll find yourself racing in style you never thought possible with this VR racing experience. Project Cars Pro boasts one of the best VR experiences you will ever get.

Though there are some great VR racing sim games out there, Project Cars Pro is a VR racing simulator game that allows you to customise your entire experience, including differing weather and time options. This is a VR racing game with steering wheel and pedals. For solo players, Project Cars Pro offers an ocean of content for you to choose from, and the multi-player suite seems well-poised to pick up where the original Project CARS left off – whilst also adding a load of sports-friendly, set-up options.

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Why ViRAL Entertainment for your VR Racing Sim Experience?

Virtual reality is changing the world and we want to give you the opportunity to be a part of it. Many people say virtual reality is the future. We say it's NOW!

So if you’re wondering where the best VR racing simulator is near you, then look no further than ViRAL Entertainment!

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