Nature Treks VR

Nov 23, 2021

Introducing a world where you have full control. No demands, no worries, just pure and utter peace!

Nature Treks VR is a VR experience that allows you to explore everything from tropical beaches, to underwater oceans, or even the stars. And if that's not enough, discover over 60 different animals in their natural habitats.

Do you yearn for the sun? Or perhaps you're a fan of the cold. Fear not, this is a world where you command the weather, take control of the night or create and shape your own world. 

Escape into a world of peace, calm and relaxation. Watch your surroundings react to the soundscape or play without music to experience the soothing sounds of nature all around you. Nature Treks VR is alive with animals, birds and other life.

Take a break from life with Nature Treks VR at Viral Entertainment in Corby.

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