Raw Data Arcade VR

May 17, 2021

Introducing Raw Data Arcade - not one to be missed.

The city skyline is dominated by the striking silhouette of Eden Tower, the global headquarters of the Eden Corporation, whose products and services control the world economy. 

In this game, take on the role of SyndiK8, an elite hacker resistance group, who has discovered the dark truth behind Eden Corp's newest line of robotic goods. Your mission as a SyndiK8 elite operative is simple: infiltrate Eden Tower, steal as much Raw Data as possible, and escape alive while taking Eden Corp down in your wake.

Recently, Eden Corp's seemingly benevolent founder, Chairman Shiro, unveiled his new service, a programme that promises 'higher humanity'. Rumours point to both ageing cures and immortality itself. However, as the secrets of the programme are revealed through leaks and break-ins, the reality proves to be far more complex. And sinister. Your mission? To break into Eden Tower, steal all the data and fight your way through the endless of killing machines.

Active VR gameplay transforms you into a controller, giving you immediate access to a wide range of sophisticated weapons and cutting-edge nanotech abilities. Players are encouraged to physically connect through body language and environment interaction in shared spaces with avatars and motion tracking.

It's all about saving the humanity, are you ready?

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