SIM Racing vs Kart Racing

Nov 01, 2021

We love karting as much as the next petrol head. But, it can be pricey. And it's not an activity you can do at a moment's notice, unless of course you live right on a track. 

Which activity is better? Let's find out in your latest installment of the V!RAL Entertainment blog - 

Real Life Karting vs. SIM Racing! 

Karting is great 

Experience every bump on the track as the wind whistles through your hair. The force of acceleration and deceleration in a kart is real. 

Real-life kart racing is exhilarating, albeit terrifying, when you manoeuvre a tight corner at 90mph. 

Karting increases your heart rate, builds strength and improves your reflexes and reaction time. 

But then do VR racing simulators!

But VR Racing SIMS is better 

Virtual reality racing offers the opportunity to get that adrenaline rush quickly. Arrive and drive, constant laps, with absolutely no speed limit - yes please!

Experience our state-of-the-art VR Racing Simulators at ViRAL Entertainment, Corby and enjoy a racing style you never thought possible in VR racing. 

The 5D racing simulator experience boasts thrilling motion seats, with unmissable wheel and pad handling, wind generation technology and vibration feedback.

Enjoy the thrills of F1 racing simulators with or without a VR headset on your choice of dozens of tracks from our expanded track selection, and in any of our wide range of realistically reimagined cars. 

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How can I start SIM racing?

Head down to see us at V!RAL Entertainment for your first Racing SIMS mission!

Is simulator racing realistic?

Yes. Our VR racing simulator experience is as realistic as is gets! We have invested in top of the range technology to ensure that all aspects of a true racing experience are replicated. Learn more about our range of racing sim technology.

Is VR SIM racing worth it?

VR Racing Simulators are a new and emerging technology.

The full 5D depth that our VR racing sims offer enable a more suspenseful and engaging environment - one where your reaction and driving times are faster.

What is the best racing SIM game?

Project Cars Pro, hands down! This game is a VR racing simulator game that allows you to customise your entire experience, including differing weather and time options. 

Kart FAQs

Does SIM racing help karting?

F1 legend Toro Rosso's Max Verstappen practised a fearsome move round the iconic Blanchimont corner in SIMS before attempting the same manoueuvre in real life! So we would say, yes!

Is kart racing hard?

Karting is a physically demanding activity. It's best to warm up your arms and wrist before your session

How fast do pro karts go?

The top speed of a pro kart (or superkart) can peak at 150mph.

Of course, there are no speed limits with VR SIMS!

Do I need a license to drive a kart?

For recreational use, a driving license is not a requirement to drive a kart.

Why VR Racing SIMS?

At around half the price of karting, VR Racing SIMS is the accessible racing option for the whole family, and groups of mates. 

Benefits include:

  • Huge variety of cars
  • No amber lights!
  • No speed limits
  • No age restrictions
  • No road blocks

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Why ViRAL Entertainment for your VR Racing SIM Experience?

From road cars, go karts, super cars to Formula 1, we have no doubt that your mind will be blown with our VR racing simulator experience.

Virtual reality is changing the world and we want to give you the opportunity to be a part of it. Many people say virtual reality is the future. 

We say it's NOW!

Jump in and get immersed in the world of VR racing.

Where's the best VR racing simulator near you? 

ViRAL Entertainment!

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