Mum! I'm going to be a VR Space Pirate Trainer

Jul 15, 2021

Introducing Space Pirate Trainer, one of the best VR experiences there is in Northamptonshire. Enter a VR world where you as a space pirate, must survive a series of waves of enemy robots that will do anything to defeat you.

Each wave increases the level of difficulty, either by the number of enemies or by the quality of the enemies. Initially these robots are simple spherical drones which will shoot you.

Now we know what you are thinking… You can dodge them easily, right? Absolutely! BUT, don’t get too comfortable!

As the rounds advance, stronger versions will appear, armed with higher defences or even with the ability to shoot guided explosive missiles. Have we caught your attention now?

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A further look into Space Pirate Trainer

To face the daunting waves of the Space Pirate VR world, you will be given two pistols, one for each hand, with each having different attack modes.

The Pulse Laser: A single-shot mode

Quark Cannon: A semi-automatic shooting mode

Shot Works: Firing flammable fireworks

Rail Gun: Firing a powerful laser that eventually heats up the gun

Ion Grenade: Firing grenades that can be triggered by you as the player

And it’s not all about the weapons either! You can exchange any weapon for defence shields too. These shields are capable of more than you could ever imagine. You will be slicing enemies in half before you know it!

As well as your weapons, you can also use your body to dodge the shots coming at you. But again… it does not stop there! When you are about to be hit, the game goes into Bullet Time mode.

Imagine a world where time can slow down, so that you can dodge the shots as if you were in a movie. Now stop imaging, because in Space Pirate Trainer VR, anything is possible. Find yourself defeating waves and waves of enemies, without using the shield - simply by dodging the shots that are coming towards you.

Experience all of this in a choice of four game modes.

Arcade mode: Where you as a player face more waves of robots than you can imagine, in order to defeat the mother ship in an epic and incredibly frenetic battle – all with only three lives!

Explorer mode: Like arcade mode, but where part of the life is recovered at the expense of points collected.

Hardcore mode: This mode really does live up to its name. With no Bullet Time, all dodging and deviation must be done in real time.

Classic mode: This gives all you wannabe space pirates, everything you need. Shoot, dodge and shield your way through classic mode.

Whatever the mode, weapon or shield, we have no doubt that you’re going to absolutely love it. With a competitive leader board, this VR experience is perfect for a group of friends in Northamptonshire, who are on the hunt for some healthy competition between one another.

Compare your performance, weapons and more! We know you are going to love it! So, what are you waiting for?

This game is definitely a must for any of you wannabe space pirates out there, or for anyone who is after an action-packed, immersive VR gaming experience. Book online today to experience VR like never before, at Northamptonshire’s #1 virtual reality centre!

We’ll see you in virtual reality soon!

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