Apr 01, 2021

Virtual Sport. Real Competition.

Sparc is a VR experience not to be missed. A vSport that boasts a unique, physical possibility, found only in virtual reality. This skill-based gameplay really is a thrilling, physical sport, featuring multiple versus game modes, as well as single player challenges and immersive spectator options. Play online against friends via quick one-to-one matches, in fast-paced, full-body, VR gameplay.

Competitive? We thought so… that’s why Sparc is the game for you! Watch closely, as you climb up the ranks through cross-platform competitive modes. Track your performance throughout with provided stats on wins, accuracy and more. Plus, you can customise your avatar and have your appearance respond to your body’s movements in real time!

Sparc is a fast and fun competitive experience, that will get the adrenaline pumping. Throw, Dodge and Deflect like never before!

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