Best school summer holiday activity for kids!

Aug 11, 2021

Smash through the reality of boredom through the school summer holidays and get yourself into the world of virtual reality at Viral Entertainment in Corby – Northamptonshire’s number one virtual reality entertainment centre.

Have you been wondering what to do with your kids during the summer school holidays this year? Wondering how you keep them entertained for the whole 6 weeks? Well, as a family-run business, we know the feeling and we sure can sympathise! But here at Viral, we have the perfect solution.

We are here to tell you that kids’ school holiday entertainment near you has just stepped up a notch or two, with VR redefining the school holiday activities.

No need for a plane.

For the majority, it may be the norm to jet off on a plane and take your family away on a lovely sunny holiday during the kids’ school summer holidays. As promising as things are looking post Covid, there are still many hindrances that lay within the travelling sector. So, you might be thinking… what can I do instead of a holiday this year?

Look no further. Introducing TheBlue, a VR experience that takes your kids’ average snorkeling experience in the sea, to a whole new level. It allows you free reign to explore the deep depths of the sea and discover more than what meets the eye. Swim across coral reefs, dive your way around real-world shipwrecks and discover never-before-seen sea creatures. You can even come face to face with a majestic, 80 foot whale!

You thought you knew our world, but there’s so much more to discover. The deep awaits, book your VR experience today.

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Redefining home activities.

Take home scrapbooking and colouring-in to the next level with ABC Paint VR. If your kids have a creative spark in their nature, then this VR experience is certainly one for them to try out.

ABC Paint VR is a simple multiplayer virtual reality drawing game, that offers an intuitive and fun way to paint with your family and friends. Choose between a variety of colours and brush sizes and set your creativity free with an endless canvas.

As you play, your kids can use teleportation to travel around in a small space, allowing them to see their drawings from a distance and create even larger drawings if they wish. You can even draw on your friends' funny heads or draw them a body!

This is a straightforward and easy to use VR experience near you, that is suitable for children. The perfect gaming experience as part of a family day out in Corby, Northamptonshire. When you’re next wondering what to do when you’re bored in the school holidays, come and try out one of our VR experiences as your next school holiday activity.

Chefs in line.

As a parent, it can be quite the demand trying to juggle the hungry bellies of your children all day, every day during the summer holidays! Our solution? Get them to help you out after they learn great skill and passion for cooking with Clash of Chefs VR experience..

This game will give your kids the chance to manage their own restaurant, all whilst competing with other online players to see who cooks the fastest. From flipping burgers, chopping veggies, to making fresh juices - this VR game has it all for those aspiring chefs out there – whether they know it or not!

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Simply give the house a break!

If none of the above strike your eye… then why not just give the house a break from kids running around all day long? With games like SuperHot VR, Zero Caliber VR and Elven Assasin VR, your kids can immerse themselves into action-packed adventures, where they can run, shoot and fight, in a safe environment!

Having a party?

Give your kids something to look forward to this summer and book online today at Viral Entertainment, Corby. Northamptonshire’s number one VR centre.

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