The best VR experiences near you

Jun 14, 2021

In our opinion, VR is one of the greatest forms of entertainment there is. With this is mind, it would be rude of us to not share with you some of our fellow, VR lovers that are local in and around the Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, and Cambridgeshire areas. One thing we love about the VR community is that, when you visit another VR Centre, it feels like a home away from home and just like you’re with colleagues!

So as a treat from us to you, here are some of our fellow VR entertainment neighbours, that all contribute gallantly to the surrounding VR community. It wouldn't be right to categorise us within this, that's for you to decide. All we shall say is, we’re very proud to be a part of the VR community and, as long as you’re involved in the VR world, we’re happy.

See how virtual reality is changing the world as we know it, with some fantastic venues.

Vertigo VR – Milton Keynes

Vertigo VR, based in Milton Keynes, certainly puts a spin on the usual VR experience (quite literally). As a cybersports hub, they are dedicated to providing their gamers with a variety of ways to experience VR, with the use of motion pods, HTC VIVE Arenas and 5D cinemas.

Find yourself in one of their VR Spheres, and see yourself soaring through skies or even diving the depths of the ocean in your own private motion pod. These pods even boast a 90% freefall simulation!

If not the spheres, then take on the VR ride of a lifetime with their upstanding, Oculus Rift powered, motion simulators. This VR gaming equipment is perfect if you're brave enough to experience the fear of intense trampolines or giant swings. We dare you...

Then take your cinema experience to the next level with their 5D cinema, which boasts immersive 3D movies. Feel the full effect of action with their moving platforms that keep you on your toes with water, wind, smoke, and much more.

If you're not quite ready for the full effects, fear not! Stay classic with their VR arena and experience all of your favourite VR games.

This is a unique VR experience you can't miss out on. Check out their website and Facebook page below.



Rush VR – Milton Keynes Xscape

Rush VR, based in Milton Keynes, certainly stands out from the crowd with their unique virtual reality escape room experiences.

Whether you want to take it back to the Greek age of 445 B.C. and escape the Aegean coastal cave or immerse yourself into the enormous pyramid of Nebka in 1928, Rush VR redefines escape rooms as you know it, and will keep you on your toes for hours on-end.

Rush VR also boasts some fantastic VR games as part of their VR stations and a great variety of VR racing games too.

Definitely a VR experience near you to visit.



VR Happy Ltd – Peterborough

VR Happy is a venue that look at the alternative side to VR. Along with a wide selection of 100+ VR gaming experiences for their happy gamers, they also put a lot of emphasis on the educational side of things.

Great for both companies and groups, they see virtual reality as a fantastic way for people to develop life skills that they haven't necessarily been exposed to yet. They allow people to participate in stories that help them to develop empathy outside their current understanding – helping people along with their own exploration and learning.

An intricate VR centre that's worth checking out!



Top VR Virtual Reality Zone – Milton Keynes

Top VR is a virtual reality zone that's renowned for their huge array of diverse equipment - that all keep up with the latest technologies.

Along with the latest VR games and VR racing experiences, you can also find yourself on the roller-coaster ride of a lifetime, with their roller-coaster simulator that flips you VR 360 or 720 degrees.

Not your thing? Well, for all of you action-packed gamers out there, get your hands on their VR Gatling gun and throw yourself into a shooting experience like never before. Whatever the VR adventure - you can count on Top VR Virtual Reality Zone for a different thrill every time you visit!



So there you have it... some of our local VR providers that all make the virtual reality community near you, a better place. Wherever you choose, make sure you escape normality with virtual reality, on your next day out near you.

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