Top 5 VR Experiences at ViRAL Entertainment

Apr 21, 2021

Virtual Reality (VR) gaming really has exploded in popularity in the past few years, given the flourish in technical innovation. We pride ourselves on being at the heart of this trend and taking people into the other side of normality.

With all of our VR games being as realistic and immersive as they come, it can be difficult to choose the one for you. That's why we have piled together our top 5 VR Experiences, to give you some guidance and a helping hand on the type of thing you are in for.

1. Project Cars 2

With our new, state-of-the-start VR Racing Simulators, you’ll find yourself racing in style you never thought possible with Project Cars 2. This game boasts one of the best VR experiences you will ever get. With our 5D VR headsets, using the latest VR technology, this game is one to try. With thrilling motion seats, unmissable wheel and pad handling, wind generation technology and vibration feedback, this game will give you the true immersion of a full racing experience.

For solo players, Project Cars 2 offers an ocean of content for you to choose from, and the multi-player suite seems well-poised to pick up where the original Project CARS left off – whilst also adding a load of sports-friendly, set-up options.

2. Sparc

Virtual Sport. Real Competition.

Sparc is a VR experience not to be missed. A vSport that boasts a unique, physical possibility, found only in virtual reality. This skill-based gameplay really is a thrilling, physical sport, featuring multiple versus game modes, as well as single player challenges and immersive spectator options. Play online against friends via quick one-to-one matches, in fast-paced, full-body, VR gameplay.

Competitive? We thought so… that’s why Sparc is the game for you! Watch closely, as you climb up the ranks through cross-platform competitive modes. Track your performance throughout with provided stats on wins, accuracy and more. Plus, you can customise your avatar and have your appearance respond to your body’s movements in real time!

Sparc is a fast and fun competitive experience, that will get the adrenaline pumping. Throw, Dodge and Deflect like never before!

3. Affected: The Manor

We'll say one thing... we dare you to keep your eyes open the whole time.

Affected: The Manor has been commended as one of the best Virtual Reality experiences to date and thus far has over 200 million YouTube hits and countless features worldwide. We're thrilled to say that the most popular horror experience in VR is now available with us at ViRAL Entertainment.

Wave bye-bye to the world as you know it and immerse yourself into a collection of not only routine jump scares, but a series of unfolding events and environments that have been specifically designed to utilise the strengths of Virtual Reality.

With a choice of two routes and four alternate endings… do you think you have what it takes to make it through?

The length of The Manor is perfectly tailored to be a shared experience. No loading save points or getting friends to a “certain” part of a game. Simply strap on the headset and enjoy watching your friends and family navigate “The Manor”... in fear!

4. TheBlu

You might be thinking by now that VR is simply about shootouts, action, racing, and the like.


This is where we feel appropriate to introduce you to the deeply immersive VR experience, theBlue. This is a series like no other that allows you to experience the wonder and majesty of the ocean through different habitats, all whilst coming face to face with some of the most awe inspiring species on the planet.

The series, which is directed by Jake Rowell (Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, Superman Returns), has been designed as beautiful moments in passing or a collection of memories that powerfully tap into the vast potential of VR. The debut episode, featuring an incredible close encounter with an 80 foot whale, is already recognised as one the most iconic room scale VR experiences to date (a Sundance Film Festival 2016 selection).

This is an unmissable experience for sure!

5. Crisis VRiage 2

For those of you who fancy taking on the role of a SWOT trooper, Crisis VRiage 2 is for you. This is a fast-paced virtual reality action shooter game that will get your blood pumping, as you battle through intense terrorist situations. Battle solo or with a team of friends with the coop multiplayer mode.

If you enjoyed the first chapter of Crisis VRigade, Crisis VRiagde 2 takes it up to the next level: more action, more shootouts, more weapons, more difficulty, more blood, more everything!

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