Vetrix VR

Nov 23, 2021

Remember a little thing called Tetris? Stand down, because we have a VR game that allows you to be a part of it.

Introducing Vetrix... a VR puzzle game inspired from the famous Tetris. Vertix has been built with its own mechanics and built specifically for VR. 

Good dexterity, organisation, and skill in the geometry of space will get you far with a VR game like this.

Simply place the given shapes on the bottom, the sides, or even the top of the puzzle area. With zero gravity, you must ensure that you make good use of the space!

Choose from 3 game mdoes:

Score mode: Reach the highest score possible in 300 seconds.
Time mode:
Reach the target score as fast as possible.
Free mode:
No time constraints, just relax.

Play now at Viral Entertainment in Corby.

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