VR accessible for all at Viral Entertainment

Apr 20, 2021

At ViRAL Entertainment, we stop at nothing to make our virtual reality (VR) entertainment accessible to all. Why shouldn’t it be?

No matter the age, physical or mental ability, we make it our job to be able to welcome all through our doors by taking the development of bespoke VR experiences to a whole new level. We pride ourselves on our friendly customer service, with a team of Virtual Reality geeks who stop at nothing to ensure a great experience for all. We do our best to ease our guests in and make everyone feel as comfortable as possible. After all, everyone deserves the chance to escape normality, don't they?

Have a read on for some of our unique success stories, where we have smashed through barriers to create fun for all.

Not just for the youth.

Some would say that it is the youth that is associated with cutting-edge technology such as VR, but we like to break through those assumptions at ViRAL Entertainment. In fact, VR is becoming quiet the go-to technology to better the lives of the elderly, by the power of transporting them to far-flung places, improving mental health, and reducing loneliness.

Last year saw ViRAL take the development of social engagement to a new level. We were thrilled to host a group of elderly people from Corby’s local 50+ adventure club, with an average age of 70. Despite the physical capabilities of the group being somewhat limited, both us and our determined guests did not let age become a barrier between them, and the experience of a lifetime.

Our patient team of staff took the time to ease them into the headsets, talking them through everything step by step. Once set up, we immersed the group into a virtual walking tour of some of the most beautiful gardens around the world.

The results and reactions from the group were truly heartwarming.

Equal for all!

We saw great success in providing out-of-reach experiences to those who are less physically able. A highlight for us was James, a wheelchair user that came to experience VR at ViRAL. Despite the initial apprehension of falling behind the rest of his group, our team worked closely with James to help create a bespoke experience that would suit him best. With the help of Garry himself, we were able to modify some games and adapt the systems so that James could enjoy the VR experiences like the rest of his peers.

The response we got from James and his family was phenomenal.

“My son (James) uses a wheelchair and enjoyed his time at ViRAL just like everybody else. He was made to feel so involved and experienced the same as everyone else. I highly recommend to everyone.”

We look forward to seeing James and the rest of his party back in the centre for some more awesome gaming soon!

Bringing the unexpected to life.

Some say conditions like autism and anxiety can make VR difficult to enjoy. We disagree… and we have living proof that this does not have to be the case!

Virtual reality is quite the social experience for many, so we understand why an environment like ours can be daunting for those who experience disabilities that hinder their social confidence.

So how do we go from a transforming a nervous 8-year-old boy who suffers with autism, completely out of his comfort zone, into ‘the best day of his life to date?’. The simple answer is.. We care. VR and autism marry up to be quite the pair, and when this occurs in our safe space, social skills can actually be enhanced.

We can provide 1-2-1 session to offer support and guidance for children and adults that may be weary of our experiences. Our friendly team take the time to build up a trusting relationship, whilst allowing the guests to take things at their own pace. Through reassurance, we guide you effortlessly into a different world and take all your fears away. We are proud to accommodate all disabilities in children and adults and create the experience of a lifetime. 

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