VR POD Experiences

The cinema experience redefined. Why settle for watching the action when you can be part of it?

With a wide range of virtual reality (VR) experiences available, we offer something for everyone at ViRAL. Whether you are wanting the birthday party of a lifetime, a chance for healthy competition between your work team or a family day out, take your pick from some of our featured titles below. Not to mention our fully licensed bar, to keep you entertained in the real world too.

Take a look at our Top 5 Games to Play with us currently.

As awesome as VR is, we find it is a new experience of entertainment to most that come into the Centre. We understand the hesitancy of a unique experience like VR, but with our approachable, friendly team, you will be eased into VR before you know it and in a world of your own (quite literally).

We are also able to offer taster sessions to be able to try VR before investing money into a big event. We’ve no doubt that there will be no turning back though…

Choose from a wide variety of virtual reality experiences, browse our most popular titles below.