What can I do for my stag do in Northamptonshire?

Sep 06, 2021

Planning a stag do which is exciting, different, unique, good value for money and fun is a tall order. But it needn't be when you think outside the box and book with Viral Entertainment.

Whether you are a best man planning your best mate's stag do, or you are the stag knee deep in wedding planning, a healthy dose of virtual reality is probably exactly what the doctor ordered!

Bringing together a bunch of guys, some of whom only loosely know each other - is best achieved with copious amounts of alcohol and games. 

Ticking all the above boxes and more, exploring the world of virtual reality is perfect for a stag party. Plus, did we say free drinks?

Free drinks.

We did say free drinks! And we really mean it. So we will say it again. Free drinks!

From the complimentary arrival drinks, complimentary shots (no party is complete without shots), through to winners drinks, it's not a stag do without copious amounts of free booze. 

Along with the free booze, you also have exclusive access to our very well stocked bar for the entire party - after all, everyone knows that staying hydrated is key to having a good time. 

The stag also receives a free tee-shirt to parade around in, along with any other attire the rest of the group see fit for him to wear...

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Unleash your competitive side.

What better way to get that testosterone pumping than to spend time with your mates, racing each other to prove who is the best? 

Motion seats, vibration feedback and wind generation technology included as standard with our racing simulators are of course a perfect fit with the free drinks...!

You will love the organised racing events with heats and exhilarating FINAL RACE to see who wins the coveted trophy - nothing like a bit of healthy competition to get the adrenaline flowing!

Finishing off with an obligatory medal ceremony for the winner, our state-of-the-art VR racing simulators offer the latest innovation with 5D VR headsets.  

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3 hours of exclusive access to everything.

Enjoy complete freedom with your mates to challenge each other in zombie shooting experiences, and everything on offer in our innovative VR pods. 

Just some of the goodies included with our no-stress stag parties:

  • Retro gaming systems
  • Choose from over 700 retro games
  • Plenty of food to keep your energy levels up
  • Free shots!
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Ready for something different?

Why not immerse yourselves in the wonderful world of VR for your upcoming stag event? 

VR is the ideal bonding experience which will continue to be talked about long after the wedding!

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